The Committee

The Committee and Contact Details

Hon. Patron Miss E.M.C. Holmes
Chairperson                      Steve Chipperfield     email: Chairperson

Vice Chairperson:
            Walter Cowan     email: Vice Chairperson

Secretary &
Judges Sub-Committee  Andrena Cowan     email: Secretary

                          Anne McDonald     email: Treasurer

Show Secretary                   Roy Douglas     email: Roy Douglas

Show Manager &
Litter Secretary                   Alan Stewart     email: Alan Stewart

Membership Secretary &
Newsletter Editor               Anne Harris     email: Anne Harris

Judges Sub-Committee        
Coordinator                          Ronnie Ross     email: Ronnie Ross

Judges Sub-Committee      Jim Irvine

Judges Sub-Committee      Maureen Scott

Gundog Training                    
Coordinator & Open
Trophy Steward
                  Lindsay Kinnaird    email: Lindsay Kinnaird

Health Committee               
Coordinator                          Dorothy Gray     email: Dorothy Gray

Health Committee              Lesley Yarrow

Club Goods                            Irene MacRae     email: Irene MacRae

Trophy Steward  
                 Marie Reid     email: Marie Reid

Committee                            Angela McConnell
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